I am using this phone for the past 6 months and happened to find some interesting stuffs, only after going through some websites to understand my corby completely and felt amazed. I was In need of a data wallet to store my entire atm pin and my account password. I searched for some stuff downloaded it, but it didn’t work. So I found out another way, this Samsung Corby pro has this application lock facility (privacy lock), where you can lock things such as calendar, messages, memo, tasks etc… So, I wrote all the stuff in memo, saved and then activated the privacy lock. I think it’s the easy way.

If you want to turn on the privacy lock then go to settings—> privacy lock (there you can lock the stuff that you want it to be private.)

The next thing is the fake call, quite interesting one. If you press and hold the volume down key for a few seconds, the fake call gets activated. And you will get an incoming call in 10 seconds. Where it shows as unknown calling. The best part is that you can pre-record something so that the call looks real. It will be very helpful if you want to escape from somebody’s blade or whatever.

To turn on the fake call go to settings—>applications—>call–>fake all (there you can turn on the fake call, add fake call voice, set the time for the fake call)

There are many touch screen phones, this one has a smart unlock feature which is very useful. Using this you can assign alphabets for unlocking the phone, speed dial and also for apps launch. Here you can assign alphabets for each thing. For e.g. if you assign letter B for unlocking, just write a with your finger on the screen it will unlock the phone, and if I assign letter A to call my mom, then without unlocking the phone all I have to for is to write a with my finger on the phone it will automatically call my mom, like that you can assign letter for quick dial and apps launch.

For this go to settings–>smart unlock (here you can activate gesture unlock and assign letters for speed dial, and app launch)

Another interesting stuff is the etiquette pause. I am sure many of us have had this embarrassing experience, of when we forget to put our phone in silent mode, and suddenly when the phone rings loudly and everybody starts to stare at you. No problem if you forget to put in silent mode, another time. All you have to do is to just turn your phone upside down; the phone immediately silences the call without putting it in silent mode.

To activate the etiquette pause go to settings–>motion settings here you can activate the etiquette pause.

Everybody knows that the Samsung Corby has dual camera. But we can use it only with 3g, but only bsnl 3g sim cards are available. So for those of you, who are wondering how will the front camera work , here’ s a trick, in your keypad type *#0*# and select vga cam, you can only see how the front camera will work, you cant record any thing or do a video call unless you have a 3g sim card.




Next one is the password reset. *2767*3855# it will completely reset the phone deleting all the messages memos etc,.. so it will be useful in case you decide to change your phone, and don’t want your private stuff to revealed to others. It will reset the phone like a new one.











So enjoy all the features Samsung Corby pro users…