I was keen in finding this book as one of my friend’s told the book has some intresting stuff about weapons it didn’t grab my attention until he told me UFO’s from there i searched nearly 10 shops it ended up in vain as most of them told the book wasn’t available yet. So i browsed the web and finally found it online…

The day After Roswell

About the book:

The book was written by Philip J. Corso who was a Lt. at the army heading Foreign Technology desk in Army Research and Development at the Pentagon. They had pulled out some debris from the 509th Army field pulled a wreckage of the flying disk that crashed outside a town of Roswell in New Mexico.. 

The book is about what happened after the recovery of the wreckage and their following days.  The crash was kept secret and research was started under the superiors(the authorities didn’t want to create panic by declaring War Of Worlds)..

All the details on this book were not copied from the reports and  hence the crash was also not known it was declared between july 2 or july 3 or sometimes july 4 too..

Most of the brilliant devices like Lasers, integrated Circuitry, fiber optics, accelerated particle devices, bulletproof vests are all common place and their seeds for their development was found in the crash of the alien aircraft.

So most of the inventions which we consider the best!!! Where they taken up from the aliens??? is the big  question and the answer to this is to go through this book and understand yourself…. 

My Review

We always think there were no aliens in the universe. So when the author suddenly says aliens its unbelivable to confirm this the author again mention’s these real story.

Nazis flying disk

Most of the Television stories also show flying disks, they were considered to be true as most of these videos provided stubborn proof of their exsistence. The disks were usually considered a part of the Nazis invention as most of them were sited there.

To add to this the many plans of building the space discs were also retrived from the Nazis during the World War II .

So it always remained a big question were there really alien ships or ships designed by Nazis for Wars??

Philip also mentioned how the aliens really looked after they collected the debris from the crash site its an usual depection as we see in the movies which we see every day…

Alien as Philip described

 For those who are really intrested in studying about extra terrestrial life about aliens and stuff this book really seems to be intreasting…
At one of the chapters it was said that the integrated circuit which was found in the debris was again made and it took a lot of time for building it. So we could say one thing the aliens were really advanced in their technology when compared to us..
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