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You will be facing this when your trying to connect to the database engine.

Here is the solution to this.

Things to check:

1. Make sure your database engine is configured to accept remote connections

• Start > All Programs > SQL Server 2008 > Configuration Tools > SQL Server Configiration Manager >SQL Server Services Run them  Area Configuration
• Click on Surface Area Configuration for Services and Connections
• Select the instance that is having a problem > Database Engine > Remote Connections
• Enable local and remote connections
• Restart instance

2. Check the SQL Server service account

• If you are not using a domain account as a service account (for example if you are using NETWORK SERVICE), you may want to switch this first before proceeding

3. If you are using a named SQL Server instance, make sure you are using that instance name in your connection strings in your ASweb P.NET application

• Usually the format needed to specify the database server is machinename\instancename
• Check your connection string as well


<add name=”SampleConnectionString” connectionString=”Data Source=machinename\instancename;Initial Catalog=AdventureWorks;Integrated Security=SSPI;Min Pool Size=5;Max Pool Size=60;Connect Timeout=30″ providerName=”System.Data.SqlClient”/>


4. You may need to create an exception on the firewall for the SQL Server instance and port you are using

• Start > Run > Firewall.cpl
• Click on exceptions tab
• Add the sqlservr.exe (typically located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.x\MSSQL\Binn, check your installs for the actual folder path), and port (default is 1433)
• Check your connection string as well

5. If you are using a named SQL Server instance, make sure you are using that instance name in your connection strings

6. Check SQLBrowser; check that it is running. You may also need to create an exception in your firewall for SQLBrowser.

7. Check that you have connectivity to the SQL Server. 

Note what you are using to connect: machine name, domain name or IP address? Use this when checking connectivity. For example if you are using myserver
• Start > Run > cmd
•netstat -ano| findstr 1433
•telnet myserver 1433
•ping -a myserver

Check what ports are IP addresses are being returned.

If you still can’t get any connection, you may want to create a SQL account on the server, a corresponding SQL user on the database in question, and just use this username/password combo in your web application.


MySQL Creating a database dump

Since its release in 1995, MySQL has became one of the most commonly used database in Internet world. A lot of small and medium businesses uses MySQL as their backend db.  Its popularity for use with web applications is closely tied to the popularity of PHP, which is often combined with MySQL. Wikipedia runs on MediaWiki software, which is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database. Several high-traffic web sites use MySQL for its data storage and logging of user data, including Flickr, Facebook, Wikipedia, Google, Nokia and YouTube.

MySQL provide a great command line utility to take backup of your MySQL database and restore it.mysqldump command line utility is available with MySQL installation (bin directory) that can be used to achieve this.

1. Getting backup of a MySQL database using mysqldump.

Use following command line for taking backup of your MySQL database using mysqldump utility.

mysqldump –-user [user name] –-password=[password] [database name] > [dump file]
mysqldump –u[user name] –p[password] [database name] > [dump file]


mysqldump –-user root –-password=myrootpassword db_test > db_test.sql
mysqldump –uroot –pmyrootpassword db_test > db_test.sql

2. Backup multiple databases in MySQL.

mysqldump –u[user name] –p[password] [database name 1] [database name 2] .. > [dump file]


mysqldump –-user root –-password=myrootpassword db_test db_second db_third > db_test.sql

3. Backup all databases in MySQL.

shell> mysqldump –u[user name] –p[password] –all-databases > [dump file]

4. Backup a specific table in MySQL.

shell> mysqldump --user [username] --password=[password] [database name] [table name] \
> /tmp/sugarcrm_accounts_contacts.sql


shell> mysqldump --user root --password=myrootpassword db_test customers \
> db_test_customers.sql

5. Restoring MySQL database.

The mysqldump utility is used only to take the MySQL dump. To restore the database from the dump file that you created in previous step, use mysql command.

shell> mysql --u [username] --password=[password] [database name] < [dump file]


shell> mysql --user root --password=myrootpassword new_db < db_test.sql

I was keen in finding this book as one of my friend’s told the book has some intresting stuff about weapons it didn’t grab my attention until he told me UFO’s from there i searched nearly 10 shops it ended up in vain as most of them told the book wasn’t available yet. So i browsed the web and finally found it online…

The day After Roswell

About the book:

The book was written by Philip J. Corso who was a Lt. at the army heading Foreign Technology desk in Army Research and Development at the Pentagon. They had pulled out some debris from the 509th Army field pulled a wreckage of the flying disk that crashed outside a town of Roswell in New Mexico.. 

The book is about what happened after the recovery of the wreckage and their following days.  The crash was kept secret and research was started under the superiors(the authorities didn’t want to create panic by declaring War Of Worlds)..

All the details on this book were not copied from the reports and  hence the crash was also not known it was declared between july 2 or july 3 or sometimes july 4 too..

Most of the brilliant devices like Lasers, integrated Circuitry, fiber optics, accelerated particle devices, bulletproof vests are all common place and their seeds for their development was found in the crash of the alien aircraft.

So most of the inventions which we consider the best!!! Where they taken up from the aliens??? is the big  question and the answer to this is to go through this book and understand yourself…. 

My Review

We always think there were no aliens in the universe. So when the author suddenly says aliens its unbelivable to confirm this the author again mention’s these real story.

Nazis flying disk

Most of the Television stories also show flying disks, they were considered to be true as most of these videos provided stubborn proof of their exsistence. The disks were usually considered a part of the Nazis invention as most of them were sited there.

To add to this the many plans of building the space discs were also retrived from the Nazis during the World War II .

So it always remained a big question were there really alien ships or ships designed by Nazis for Wars??

Philip also mentioned how the aliens really looked after they collected the debris from the crash site its an usual depection as we see in the movies which we see every day…

Alien as Philip described

 For those who are really intrested in studying about extra terrestrial life about aliens and stuff this book really seems to be intreasting…
At one of the chapters it was said that the integrated circuit which was found in the debris was again made and it took a lot of time for building it. So we could say one thing the aliens were really advanced in their technology when compared to us..
For those really intrested studying this book just click on the below image

Click on this to download the ebook

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Crimson Red

The moons white colour turned into crimson red yesterday at 24:01.The awesome spectacle was visible all over the country. The full moon appeared much dimmer than usual, but sunlight passing through the earth’s atmosphere gave the lunar surface a deep reddish hue.

This was the century’s longest and darkest total lunar eclipse as the eclipse lasted for over 100 minutes!! The last eclipse to exceed this duration was in July 2000.

For those who missed it hope they should wait till 2141. may be another lifetime chance!!! The  lunar eclipse began at 22:54:34 and will end at 04:30:45.

As in Chennai at 24:01 hrs

This is how it looked in the early hours may be around 24:00 hrs later the colour of the moon changed to crimson red…

For further photos click here

Sometimes it happens that the Moon takes on a different color than usual. Then you look and think: Wow! What a strange Moon!

The Moon is cool, but strange Moon is awesome.
It’s appearance is just fleeting,and you need to know when meet such a view.
What is there more to say? Nature again has for us something special and for free. Soon we will have the opportunity to think:
Wow! What a strange Moon!And then it will probably be Total Lunar Eclipse.
The answer to its red color is usually the moon reflects the light from the sun(white color) and therefore it appears white. When the earth comes in between the sun and the moon the earths atmosphere scatter the colours from the sun. Each region of the spectrum travels with different speed, and the direction they are heading also changes in simple they deviate from the earth surface.

Simply put, the light waves are being scattered by the particles in the Earth’s atmosphere. The light waves that have shorter wavelengths are scattered to a higher degree compared to those with longer wavelengths. Because red, orange, and yellow light waves are not scattered very much, these are the waves that appear to be permitted and reach the surface of the moon.

Change of moon colours
Check out the live feed video….

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I am using this phone for the past 6 months and happened to find some interesting stuffs, only after going through some websites to understand my corby completely and felt amazed. I was In need of a data wallet to store my entire atm pin and my account password. I searched for some stuff downloaded it, but it didn’t work. So I found out another way, this Samsung Corby pro has this application lock facility (privacy lock), where you can lock things such as calendar, messages, memo, tasks etc… So, I wrote all the stuff in memo, saved and then activated the privacy lock. I think it’s the easy way.

If you want to turn on the privacy lock then go to settings—> privacy lock (there you can lock the stuff that you want it to be private.)

The next thing is the fake call, quite interesting one. If you press and hold the volume down key for a few seconds, the fake call gets activated. And you will get an incoming call in 10 seconds. Where it shows as unknown calling. The best part is that you can pre-record something so that the call looks real. It will be very helpful if you want to escape from somebody’s blade or whatever.

To turn on the fake call go to settings—>applications—>call–>fake all (there you can turn on the fake call, add fake call voice, set the time for the fake call)

There are many touch screen phones, this one has a smart unlock feature which is very useful. Using this you can assign alphabets for unlocking the phone, speed dial and also for apps launch. Here you can assign alphabets for each thing. For e.g. if you assign letter B for unlocking, just write a with your finger on the screen it will unlock the phone, and if I assign letter A to call my mom, then without unlocking the phone all I have to for is to write a with my finger on the phone it will automatically call my mom, like that you can assign letter for quick dial and apps launch.

For this go to settings–>smart unlock (here you can activate gesture unlock and assign letters for speed dial, and app launch)

Another interesting stuff is the etiquette pause. I am sure many of us have had this embarrassing experience, of when we forget to put our phone in silent mode, and suddenly when the phone rings loudly and everybody starts to stare at you. No problem if you forget to put in silent mode, another time. All you have to do is to just turn your phone upside down; the phone immediately silences the call without putting it in silent mode.

To activate the etiquette pause go to settings–>motion settings here you can activate the etiquette pause.

Everybody knows that the Samsung Corby has dual camera. But we can use it only with 3g, but only bsnl 3g sim cards are available. So for those of you, who are wondering how will the front camera work , here’ s a trick, in your keypad type *#0*# and select vga cam, you can only see how the front camera will work, you cant record any thing or do a video call unless you have a 3g sim card.




Next one is the password reset. *2767*3855# it will completely reset the phone deleting all the messages memos etc,.. so it will be useful in case you decide to change your phone, and don’t want your private stuff to revealed to others. It will reset the phone like a new one.











So enjoy all the features Samsung Corby pro users…

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